Giving Ourselves GRACE

Whew! Here we are in, I think, week 3 of the stay at home order AND I think it's Tuesday. Days begin to blur into one another. In the what I don't know, there are a couple of things I do know. 

Client sessions are becoming more intense. The first week was kind of a honeymoon period as we did our best to figure out how to do all the changes that were coming at us; kind of new and novel approach to life. Week 2, rain, cool temps, and disappointment as it became clear to all of us that not only are we in this together, we're in for the long haul. And it's going to get worse long before it gets better. I used to talk about cleaning out the garage as an example of worse before better, everything on the driveway and then putting things back where they belong. That example gets shelved ~ my new example will be the pandemic ~ worse before better. 

Week 3, boredom, sadness, fear, disappointment, and inflamed marriage/family issues. I truly want my clients to be able to look back at this time as time well spent. To grow, to organize, to clean, to rest, to eat better, to spend more time outside, to reconnect with family and friends,..unique for each of us yet the same as time well spent. I've encouraged clients to write down their "time well spent" so they can look back and remember how valuable these experiences were for them. 

This is a tough time. We need to be able to offer ourselves (and others) lots of GRACE for the days or moments that we don't do well. I thought I was doing quite well until I decided to do a minor plumbing repair on Monday and botched it up. Botched it up enough that I don't have running water...well, not entirely true. I have running water that runs constantly from my cold water tub tap unless I shut off the main. So, I periodically turn on the main to refill my 5 gallon water jug or pitcher to fill the tank to flush the toilet. Good thing I've wilderness camped ALOT, but it certainly does raise the bar on a complication I didn't really need. Handyman is coming FRIDAY, whew! to fix what I botched. GRACE 

Then, today, I looked at my schedule lots of times and could have sworn I had sessions at 10 and 11. FaceTimed my 10am appointment and she texted back she was on a business call and was sure her appointment was at 1. She was right; I was wrong, GRACE. 

3 avocados needed to be used, made some fresh guac AND ate it ALL in one sitting. GRACE

Think it's time to take my dog for a walk and just breathe in this beautiful day. 

Stay well, y'all.

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