Fearless Heart

This past year, I completed a 12 hour CEU online course by Tara Brach entitled Fearless Heart. After listening to the sessions, I made those two words my words to guide me during 2020. We are in a time where there is plenty of fear (as evidenced by the hoarding of toilet paper). When feeling completely out of control, we tend to focus on something to give us a sense we have control. Toilet paper, like alcohol, drugs, shopping, binging on NetFlix, news, FaceBook or eating all become short term fixes to alleviate our sense of fear, of being out of control. 

Tara talked about fear as an important emotion and we are to move toward our feeling of fear rather than stuff it, hide it, ignore, feed it, etc. As we notice our fear, befriend it and ask, "what am I to learn here?" Fear, then, becomes an opportunity for growth as we understand ourselves, examine what is going on inside of us, ask for the help and/or support we need, learn better ways to self care during the pandemic and live from a fearless heart rather than a frightening mind. 

I love hearing how teachers are being creative through elearning, keeping a sense of connection with their students. I love hearing more families are having family meals, more home cooking is happening. I LOVE seeing kids OUTSIDE; families walking together: dogs smiling ear to ear at ALL the WALKS they are getting. My hope is really good food is on the table for these family meals, real food that will nourish and build great immune systems and keep depression at-bey. Laughter is heard throughout the day. Couples are reporting improved relationships as they work together, problem solve together, and keeping their eyes on the other vs holding onto "what I'm not getting.". .

It is so easy to wonder about the global impact of this pandemic. I encourage you to bring your wondering home and look forward to the health and healing that is already beginning in your home. Keep up the great work, y'all!

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