Give the Gift of a Sweet Disposition

Destress--change one letter and we are in distress. So let's focus on that one letter "I". I talk a lot about "healthy selfishness" taking care of "I" so we are available to enjoy and care for others. We all get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- no one gets more, no one gets less. How we choose to spend those moments are incredibly important every day of the year, and certainly during the month of December when more is added to the calendar. Yet without a sweet disposition, the memories we have and those we help to create are tainted with the distress we experience. If we all would take seriously the advice to simplify our expectations on ourselves and focus on what is truly important -- the relationships we hold dear to us -- how different our "to do list" might look. Time for bedtime stories, cups of hot cocoa, walks in the glistening new snow, homemade gifts, popcorn and a movie, a fire in the fireplace, laughter, silliness, simple time to be with one another and share in the quiet joy of those relationships. 

Please take the time, make the time, to destress and give your family and coworkers the gift of a sweet disposition. Remember to pause and breath deeply throughout the day. Give yourself permission to nap, take a break from shopping, wrapping, decorating. Eat nutritionally. Make water your beverage of choice. Do what is important, not urgent. Smile and wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!

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